Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lovely Afternoon

It was a nice mild winter day so I headed on over to pottery and spent about an hour sanding down my vase. Pretty much the same as last time, up and down and LOTS of dust. I wore a mask and glasses this time but I still managed to get covered in dust and had some get in my mouth and eyes a little. The breeze outside was helpful and not helpful at times >< Anyways, I'm still not done sanding. Next time I'll take a higher grade paper and re-do the whole thing again.

Remember this vase? Well it was its third time to the kiln and it FINALLY turned out somewhat decent. I actually like the color a lot. Unlike anything I've made so far. Very happy with the turn out, third time was the charm I guess. I'll enter this in the Imari Amateur pottery contest coming up in April. Ill probably title it "Blue Moon" since it reminds of exactly of that.

My dashi holders were doing pretty good. I took the newspaper and cardboard out and the handles were still in a good place. (Not like I could do much if they weren't haha, they're already dried in place)

They'll dry for another week or so and go in for bisque firing.

I still had another hour and a half so I took the rest of my Joshigaraki and made a few cups. I like to experiment with the wavy style so I did two of those and one regular shaped cup. I'll carve these next week.

Until next time!

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