Monday, February 14, 2011

A few in betweens

So while I'm waiting for other things to be finished I thought I'd go back to a few of my recent pieces and show you what's become of them.

First is the teapot from the last noborigama. It has a handle now (plasic sadly since I couldn't find a bamboo one to fit) and is currently in use almost everyday. I make mostly green tea with a removable screen to keep the leaves inside. I love this teapot, but the only downside is it does dribble, only a few drops though.

Next is the teapot turned vase. It looks much better with flowers in it and in a normal household setting. I bought a Japanese ikebana base, which is basically a piece of heavy iron with sharp nails sticking out. The flowers are held up with it. It's cool since you can make the flowers look like they're in a natural setting, not all bunched together into one group like a traditional bouquet.

Next is an old vase I made awhile back. Very small, only fits a few flowers. But it's small and cute, great for my bedside shelf.

Lunch at home on another old piece. One of my first few plates I made in the beginning. Melted blue glass and a simple square design. Menu was pan fried white fish with tumeric, paprika, red pepper and lemon juice, salad and homemade bread.

Moving on I also finished carving the two hot water/ dashi containers. Carving these took along time since I had to put them on a separate knob with clay while working the wheel so they wouldn't touch. The edges are curved so carving them directly on the wheel like other pieces would not work. (Another reason why anything other than bowls or cups is expensive in the ceramics world haha)
They turned out nice and are a good weight now. (way too heavy before) Left one has a bulls-eye design on the bottom, right is a normal smooth cut. I will attach handles to these tonight. Both are ultra white shigaraki clay.

Last but not least, a very cool yunomi. (teacup) A nice wavy design and a straight edge on the bottom. This one also took some extra time due to the odd shape, but I love how it turned out. Even my teacher said how cool it was, and he never says stuff like that haha. It's also ultra white shigaraki clay. It is drying and will be bisque fired next week. I have no idea what color I'll do yet...

Until next time!

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