Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just a Few Things

The RF pieces I was waiting for have come out of the kiln.

First was the teapot turned vase. It turned out better than I thought shape wise (didn't sink too much, only slightly on one side) but the color is so so. It's not what I wanted but it's a nice basic vase for flowers. Once I get one of those iron flower holders used for ikebana I'll be able to do some neat arrangements. This was white clay with N glaze RF firing.

*Crappy picture alert, sorry they're blurry*

Next was a mixed clay cup I made. This I'm very happy with. Great shape, wonderful color. The base glaze is W with a R dip on the rim. The W glaze has a slightly metallic color and the R part has a nice purple/green undertone to it.

Close up of R and W glazes. Just love the color. This is a mixed clay so I'm sure this color is a result of the mix of bizen and red stone clay since they have a higher metallic content than other clays, which shows in while using certain glazes.

Last is a piece my friend Daisy made when she came to visit the studio. She made a small teacup on the wheel and I carved and glazed it for her.

I used the new X glaze RF firing with red iron glaze brush patterns. Bizen clay

The color turned out great I think, so I'll definitely be using this combo of glazes again.

Until next time!

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