Friday, February 4, 2011

Coil Vase pt 4 and the Wheel

The days are finally starting to get longer so when I arrive at pottery in the evenings now there is still someday daylight to greet me :)

Here is the studio on Setsubun, February third. Setsubun is a Japanese tradition of chasing back luck out and good luck in.


I took out my coil vase again and started building as usual. Same process as before, make coils and build them on top, repeat.

Here is where I left the vase last time, 50cm.



68cm, this was as far as I could go last night. Like I said before I can only build 15-20cm at a time without the clay giving out. So I have about 20cm more before I'm done. I can't wait!

I'm up to 11 hours of work time and 8 kilos of clay.

The vase looks strange now, big on top etc but this will all be fixed later. I will carve off the lumps and such off after the piece has been built to 90cm.

I had another hour left so I used my remaining joshigaraki clay (上信楽) which was about 4 kilos to make a few things.

Two hot water holders and one cup.
The handles will be added next time.

This is a hot water teapot type thing that is in the studio that some one made awhile back. We use this thing for teatime and I absolutely love it. So I finally decided to make a few.

This is the larger of the two, but it will be smaller than the one in the studio, but not by too much. I figured it can be used for other things besides water, maybe sauce or dashi holder for sukiyaki and nabe cooking.

The second one is smaller than the first, so this one will be good for maybe serving milk or cream at breakfast or sauces.

Last was a cup, with waves on it. It'll be easy to hold and is a large size.

More to come next week!

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