Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coil Vase pt 5

The coil vase has finally been finished being built.

Here is where I left it last week, at 68cm.

And as usual I made coils and started building the final 22 cm.

The last 22cm was more difficult than I had anticipated. Since it was getting so tall it was harder and harder to build higher and higher. The stool I placed it on was too high, but I couldn't move it to the floor since I most likely wouldn't be able to lift it up again without risking breakage once it was finished.

All minor set backs.

Here it is at 82cm, just a little more!

It was hard to build it at this point, the vase is very wobbly from the moist clay and it is so tall that any slight movement makes it shaky.

88cm! Only two more coils.

90cm!!!! Done!

In the end the vase needed 10 kilos of clay, half of what my teacher predicted :D yay!

But the vase is not finished yet. It's still super lumpy so I need to carve the excess off to get a nice polished look. It's too wet now to do anything so as usual I wrapped it in towels and will get back to it this Thursday. I will also shape the mouth of the vase and cut some parts away like this.

So the calculated price of the vase so far,
*will change since it is not finished

13 hours of work X 1000 yen= 13000 yen
10 kilos of clay X 450 yen= 4500 yen

Total so far= 17500yen

More to come soon~

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