Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dashi Holders

Remember these guys from last time? Well it was time to add their handles.

I really liked the handle and look of this one from the studio. So I decided to model these two after it.

First I prepared the handle, a 5mm thick 5cm wide long stick of clay with a slit on one end. Since the clay was way to soft to stay afloat on its own I put it on a round bowl's underside which was about the same size as my dashi holder and let it dry for awhile.

In the mean time I put crumpled newspaper formed into a round ball inside the dashi holders. I made the newspaper ball a little taller than the height I wanted my handles falling at. Then I cut pieces of thin cardboard into two long strips (one for each piece) and placed them over the newspaper from spout to rear, as you can see to the left. (Sorry, slightly blurry picture)

I placed the clay on the cardboard and proceeded to cut slits on each end piece. (Three in total, two in front and one in back)

These slits will "grab" onto the dashi holder later with watery clay to make a strong seal.

After the handles were attached it was time to make sure they were straight and evenly curved.

The handles look ridiculously high but keep in mind they will droop down a certain amount so you always have to make them higher then you want them to be to get the perfect height in the end.

For now they will dry and await bisque firing :) I'll check on them again tomorrow to make sure the handles are still even.

Until next time!

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