Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's been quite awhile since I have posted anything, but my pottery life is finally back on its normal schedule. I finally managed to pick up my noborigama pieces and for the most part the turned out great! Today I'll show you my beloved teapot!

Front View
First and foremost is my wonderful teapot. It turned out absolutely they way I wished. Great color, nice glaze run and good shape. Bonus: the water doesn't dribble! It pours nice and smooth like a factory made teapot :) I'm so proud of this piece!

*I'm still searching for the perfect bamboo handle!

Back view
You can see the small spot I put all over the body. I think they turned out great, they blend in just enough but also add texture and interest.

Close up
I initially thought the glaze would turn out like this. But of course even if something is the same clay and same glaze the wood kiln will always surprise you! This time the bizen clay turned a wonderful bronze color and the blue glaze turned a nice deep black navy, with bright blue towards the bottom of the dripping glaze. There is also a slight outline of the glaze, which also looks great. (You can somewhat see it in the picture to the left here)

Inside view
Although this picture doesn't show it very well, the inside of the teapot is a bright blue color. I think this is so neat that it turned out this way. It's almost a surprise when you take the lid off since you wouldn't expect the inside to be bright blue :)

All in all I'm so happy! Can't wait to start on my new teapot!