Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Pieces

So after almost three weeks of vacation and not being in the studio many pieces I started before 2011 are all ready for firing!
First was the supposed teapot turned vase. After bisque firing it turned out pretty well. After some sanding I glazed it with a color I have never used before. N glaze. It should turn out something like this. But you never know, this is a large piece so the color could be different.
I'm hoping the top won't sink down much, but my teacher says it's a 50/50 chance >< Here's hoping it doesn't!

Next were a bunch of bowls and two large plates. The plates are bizen while the bowls are a mix of clays. The plates also have a red brush design on them which you can see in the picture. There is also another plate that is not picture here, it is black stone clay with kohagi glaze and looks very similar to this only bigger.

This is a brand new glaze, glaze X. It's a very mild color but I wanted to give it a try. Left is OF and right if RF coloring. The OF version is very similar to glaze U which is also a yellow color and the RF is similar to glaze L. I used this glaze for all the plates and bowls from the picture above. (Pictures and exact combos of glazes to come next week)

Last were two coffee cups and a small bowl. Final pictures to come soon!

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