Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finished Things

First and foremost my teacher, Arai Sensei had a small article printed about him in the Nishi Nihon Newspaper. Just a basic article about how he got into pottery and his style. Congratulations Arai Sensei! The picture is cute too, it's the blue outfit he always wears at the studio :)

Next are all the pieces I made before New Years that have finally been glazed and fired. Sorry for the low quality images.

Large serving plate made with bizen clay. New X glaze, red iron brush designs below and my signature circle line carvings. OF firing. I like the iridescent coloring, gives the plate a nice smokey blue color.

Very flat leaf plate, I plan to use it for gyoza. Bizen clay, X glaze red iron brush design OF firing.

Mixed clay bowl, X base glaze with a few N accent spots. OF firing

Mixed clay, X glase with W glaze rim, OF firing

black stone clay, R glaze OF firing. Shot with food, love how the plate makes the food colors pop

Mixed clay bowl, X glaze OF firing

Mixed clay cup, M base with R rim, OF firing

re-fired from noborigama. Black stone clay, R glaze OF firing

Re-fired from noborigama. Black stone clay, R glaze. This turned out better than before but it's still missing something...Still determining if I want to add more glaze and fire it again.

Last are some green ware pieces. All are Bizen clay and I put a slip of a mate glaze on them. It's my first time trying this out but one of the other students said they turn out pretty neat so I thought I'd give it a try. These will all be bisque fired, and then glazed again and fired again. The slip should stand out on the finished piece if I use a clear glaze on the final firing. We'll see what happens :)

Small and slender vase

Coffee cup

I'm still waiting on the RF pieces. More to come soon!

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