Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Other Nobori Pieces

Besides the teapot I had many other pieces in the December noborigama. My second fav was this giant coffee/tea/soup cup. The color turned out great and it's so easy to use.

Inside of the cup. I love the great white and blue color of the glaze :)

Here are my 6 free form plates I made awhile back. I used three different glazes and the air gun to color them. They were a mix of several different clays.

The swirls of the different clays are very subtle but there. You can also see the different glaze colors as well, though it is very discreet.

Last but not least are the pieces that didn't turn out as planned. The vase's kohagi glaze didn't run very well and was only half done in a sense. The same goes with the two small bowls. The glaze (kohagi again) was only half fired so these three are now in the electric kiln getting re-fired. It's not a big deal, they will still turn out quite nicely and the color will retain from the noborigama :)

Until next time!

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