Friday, December 17, 2010

Putting Around

It was a slow and relaxing day at pottery last night :) Since I don't have too much clay I've been taking my time with things and only making a few pieces each time.

I started with two cups that were a mix of leftover clays. Mostly bizen, black stone and red stone. They turned out pretty well, just simple normal cups. One classic cup shape and one wavy style cup.
I had three cups but once I took the last off the wheel it warped slightly when i placed it on the board to i decided to scrap it.

I had about 1 kg left of clay after wards so I made another free form plate. This one was much larger, 34cm diameter, 5mm thick.
Actually to get the roundness Arai Sensei has a fishing buoy lying around to form clay around. It looks pretty ridiculous in the studio but it works :)

I did my signature simple design on the front and called it a day. For now this will dry and won't get fired until next year.

The noborigama is finally tomorrow :) I'll do a three hour shift with everyone else but I'll most likely stick around and finish up some final work before the 2 week holiday vacation. I'm looking forward to all the delicious goodies everyone will bring tomorrow.

Japan has a lot of funny displays around for X-mas. I found these birds at a family restaurant near by. One has a Santa hat but the other a witch hat...haha Ohh Japan ><

Until next time!

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