Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last few days

There are only 2 more days until the studio closes for the new year's holiday so I've been trying to finish all my little projects here and there so I can have a fresh start for 2011.

First is the supposed teapot I made awhile back. After thinking about it for two weeks, I decided to make a vase out of it. The size and shape were just too awkward to make it a usable teapot. It'll look better as a flower vase in the end.

I am a little worried about the top since it will most likely sink down past the outer walls. I tried to curve it upwards but it just wouldn't stay...I'm hoping the clay won't give too much.

For now this will dry and get fired from next year.

I'm thinking this color for the vase, I like the simpleness and the brown contrast on the rim and handle.

*This cup was made by Miss Yamaguchi, Thursday night student.

Remember this cup from awhile back? Well I cracked it and hoped another trip to the kiln would seal the glaze back together and make it like new again.

Well that idea didn't work out...It cracked even more and left a space in between, which you can see in this picture. Since I like the cup I decided to try to salvage it anyways since even with the space it's still usable. I mixed some bonding agent (like a strong plastic) together and put it in between the gap. It'll dry for a few days and I'll grind away the excess later on. Darn, I really like this cup!

I also made a free form plate yesterday out of leftover black stone clay. It's about 20cm wide and 5mm thick. Perfect size for dinner. (Pasta, salad, curry etc)

Of course I can't resist putting the small warts on the black clay so that is exactly what I did :)

With a little scoring and water they fit in perfectly.

After adding about 20 balls the finished result is this. I plan on using kohagi glaze since it goes so well with black stone clay. The end result should look like this.

This Saturday is the Noborigama! Can't wait!

Until next time :)

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