Friday, December 3, 2010

All By Myself

Arai Sensei was out sick and all the other students who come on Thursday nights were absent so I was the only one in the studio. It was a little eerie at first but after I connected my i-pod to the stereo it was awesome! I had a little taste of what it would be like having my own studio.

First I worked on two black stone cups I made a few weeks ago. They got shaved and handles attached, they're drying and will hopefully be bisque fired before the noborigama.

I also had a huge chunk of mixed clays ready for the wheel. (Sorry this picture is out of focus, I took it in a hurry) I made the pieces in order from left to right.
The flower looking bowl was going to be a plate but I stretched it on the wheel too much and it started to get wobbly. I decided to go with it and make something a little more artsy this time. I love these types of free form shapes and it can still be used for food since it is big enough.

The middle bowl is just a simple everyday use bowl, maybe cereal, oatmeal, curry or salad.
Far right bowl is a simple soup bowl. It's pretty deep and can hold about 300mm of liquid. Maybe useful for miso or chicken noodle :)

I didn't feel like dealing with the square teapot body so it's still sitting in the styrofoam box. Maybe next week I'll decide its future.

Arai Sensei said he should be back next week. Hope he feels better! It was great having the place to myself, but a little lonely!

Until next time :)

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