Monday, December 13, 2010

Into the Nobori

It's less than a week away until the last noborigama of 2010! This time around I have tons of pieces going inside.

The piece I'm looking forward to the most is the teapot I slaved over for nearly 6 weeks. It has finally been bisque fired and glazed.

Since I used bizen clay, I decided to only glaze certain parts of it since the noborigama will bring out great natural colors from the clay. The glaze is A, a bright blue glaze which will accent well with the rich brown and gold color of the clay.

A birds eye view. The cup on the top is A glaze. I poured the glaze on the teapot since I love the effect. I want it to seem that someone just splashed a beautiful blue color on it.

The resulting color should look something like this. (My mothers plate from September) I love the blue and gold specs from the clay. The outline of the glaze is also neat, hope it turns out similar!

Besides my beloved teapot, I have many more pieces going in! Some are pictured below :)

Until next time!

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