Friday, October 22, 2010

Tons O Cups and Such

Here it is, the new lid, freshly made last night! Since my last lid ended up being a dud, I had a chance to make something even better. This time instead of making the lid flat, I curved it slightly to flow better with the teapot. It's hard to see in this picture but there is a slight curve. I also aligned the inside rim better as well. Before, it was too small and clanked around, so I'm hoping this time it'll be a better fit. The only thing is, the teapot body is slightly dry already, so it's a little difficult to accurately make a lid from fresh clay for something that may have shrunk slightly while drying....fingers crossed they fit!! Until I finish this lid, the teapot remains as is...

Here is the lid before I took it off the wheel. Like I said before, you make the lid upside down.

So while you make it on the wheel, you have to envision it like this. I had this in front of me while I was forming the lid on the wheel, just to remind me of what I was doing. (This is the dud lid)

Also, I finished putting the broken glass onto the last square plate. It's hard to see in this picture but it's green glass. I was going for a flowing leaf design.

Now that all three plates are ready, they'll go into OF firing next week. Can't wait to see how they turn out!


After making the lid and putting glass on the plate I had 2 hours of time to kill, so I made cups! (perfect time killer haha)

In March many of my fav teachers from work will be transferred, and it is custom in Japan to give a gift to the departing transferees. So I thought I'd start early and make everyone a coffee cup, since teachers drink tons o coffee everyday.

I went with a new shape today, long and lean with a wider mouth. Each teacher likes a different sized cup, so I just eyeballed it and voila, three cups.

I plan to put handles on them after I've shaved the bottoms. I tend to always make the mistake of not making them big enough (since they do shrink 30%) So I consciously tried to make them larger this time around so I wouldn't end up with espresso grade sizes.

I had another 45 mins so after finishing the top three I made some more. This time I made one giant one that can be used as a pitcher. Maybe for sake, mixed drinks, tea, coffee, juice, whatever. It'll be great for summer :) and then two regular sized cups. Same design as above, slim bottom, wide top.

Here are all six pieces together. (I used bizen clay)

More to come soon!

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