Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nobori Pieces Sept. 2010

It was another great Noborigama at Sara Yama Studios this past September. I would've liked to have put more pieces in this time around but didn't have the time to prepare them. Here are the few (small) pieces that went in.

First we have three mixed clay pieces (black shigaraki clay with stones, red shigaraki with stones, red shigaraki 104 and white shigaraki with stones) I used glaze A (which is not in the color samples I made) and F (clear) glaze. A glaze is a simple and striking blue color, it comes across almost the same no matter what clay is used, so I didn't waste my time making samples for it.

Two small bowls and one sake cup or small vase. The blue turned out quite well, a little more subdued than with an electric firing. I splashed the blue as an accent color and I like the far left bowl the best. (maybe the design looks like a lightning bolt?)

Out of the same clay mix I also had two mess up pieces that I turned into flower pots, same glazes as above. Both turned out quite well.

Here is one of the pots with a plant in it :) It's current on my back porch. I still have to find a good small plant for the other pot, probably an indoor plant, something for my desk at work.

Last but not least is a bowl my mom made when she came to visit me in August. It is Bizen clay with A glaze rolled across it. Since it was put in the noborigama it looks better to leave the clay bare in some spots to let the natural sheen come out. As you can see here, some great gold specs came out. Like I've said before, each noborigama is unique so no two pieces will ever come out alike. My dad said the design looks like a wolf :)
*Bizen clay is great for noborigama's, it always gives great color.

The next noborigama is Dec 18th! I'll put many pieces in that batch :) Can't wait!

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