Wednesday, July 28, 2010

new things

Lately I've been collaborating with Grand Hotel Seifusou in Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture. I have sent a few of my plates as samples for them to use in their kitchen/dining area.

Here is a square flat plate, about 30cm x 30cm with sashimi and garnishes. これは四角の皿です30センチ。刺身用に使っている。

Here is a small free form dish I made awhile back with small appetizer and garnish. これは小さいなフリーフォーム皿です。おつまみ用使っている。

I am in the process of making more small serving dishes for them to use as samples. Here are 11 black clay dishes that are currently drying. Once fired they will be slightly larger than the palm of ones hand. 今もっとサンプル皿作る中です。ここは11個の黒粘土乾燥してる皿です。すいやきしたら手大きさくらいになる。

Here is a close up of he plates. My signature design is etched on the surface of each one. Each is unique yet apart of a set. I have also made 6 white clay plates of the same size and design, those have already been bisque fired and have been colored and are waiting for final firing. More pictures of those to come soon! はい、クロスアップ写真です。私のトレードマークのデザインが表面にそれぞれエッチングされた皿です。一枚一枚はユニークですけどセットにも入ってる感じもある。白の同じ風6枚も作った。色もつけったから焼くこと待ってる。また写真アップします!

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