Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Color Samples!

The long awaited color samples have finally been completed! Both RF and OF firings and 3 types of clay. (White Stone, Smooth Red and Black Stone, all Shigaraki I believe) I have complied 13 of the colors I use the most which I will introduce one by one. All the samples are in the same order. From top to bottom White Stone clay, Black Stone clay and Smooth Red clay. Right is OF firing and left is RF. (You can see the small tags in the photos as well)

**Note** the color names my studio uses are not the factory names. Also some of the colors are hand mixed by my teacher so of course they can't be found anywhere but Sara Yama Studio. 

B 黄伊羅保 きいらぼ
Kirabo is one of my favorite colors to use
It has is a mat green type color that beads
together on the clay.

C 天目 てんもく
Tenmoku is a very plain dark brown color,
but when put in the red clay you can see
it turns a wonderful metallic silver. (RF firing)

E 鉄赤 てつあか
Tetsuaka is a color I use constantly.
It's a great rich mixture of reds and browns.
It turns out great in OF or RF. It also melts
well on the clay.

F 木灰透明 もくはいとうめい
Mokuhaitoumei is a very versatile color.
It is technically just a clear glaze, but depending
on the clay and firing used it comes out in slightly different
tints and hues. OF firing generally keeps it clear,
but RF firing tends to make colors come out.

J 織部 おりべ
Oribe is a great green/blue glaze.
It comes out pretty straightforward,
but the red clays make it have a metallic
hue to it as you can see in the picture.

K 均窯 きんよう
Kinyou is a wonderful blue,
one of my favorite glazes. This picture
doesn't give it justice but even the darker
clays have deep blue tints to them. I like to mix
Kinyou and Tetsuaka to get great red and blue

L 辰紗 しんしゃ
Shinsha is another favorite of mine.
Especially the OF firing color since it
results in a nice sea foam green. I like to
use this one with white clays, since the result
reminds me of 18th century tea sets from Europe.
Nice vintage feel. RF produces a nice purple, which
I plan to experiment with more, but I do love that
sea foam green!

M 蕎麦 そば
Soba is another deep rich brown color.
It is a mix between Tenmoku and Tetsuaka.
It has the depth of color like Tetsuaka but
has the brown from Tenmoku. Another great
glaze to work and mix with.

R 古萩 こはぎ
Kohagi is probably to most popular
glaze at Sara Yama. Everyone loves and uses
this glaze constantly. OF firings give a nice milky
white color with tinges of purple, while RF gives a
nice milky blue color. As you can see the type of clays
make a huge difference as well. The range from white,
blue to brown. Kohagi is very versatile but runs
easily, so it can be tricky to work with.

S 普賢灰 ふげんはい
I haven't worked much with
Fugenhai. It is a muddy brown that
has consistent color. I was drawn to
it's rich background. It is predictable
so it could be a great color to mix.

T 紫紅 しこう
Shikou is another beautiful blueish green
color. It is more subtle then the others
but it's delicate color is sometimes exactly
what I want. It gives a great deep blue tint
to black clays, and a cheery light green to white

U 黄瀬戸 きせと
Kiseto is a very unique glaze, and
a popular color for clays with large
stones. It works best with lighter color
clays since you can see the color much better.
It also gets great color around the stones on the RF firing.
On the white clay above you can see brown specs,
this is one of the great results of using Kiseto. The end
products are always interesting and have a vintage feel.

W 結品 まんがん
Mangan is one of the newest colors at Sara Yama.
It's a great deep brown with nice depth to it. It
occasionally surprises you with cream color accents
on your piece. It's a great glaze to mix with Kohagi.
The two together produce wonderful mixtures.

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