Monday, November 29, 2010


It's been another sporadic week at Sara Yama Studios, dentist appointments and national holidays threw my usual days at the studio off. Arai Sensei also had an exhibition of his work at his studio. So he was pretty busy with that up until lately so most of the pieces I made awhile back haven't come out of the kiln until now. Since it is also the end of November the fall colors around the studio are amazing. Here is a shot from the river flowing through the back area of the studio. The yellow ginko tree looks quite lovely now :)

First were some coffee cups I made awhile back that were back from bisque firing. These are a mix of clays but are mostly red stone clay.

The cup in the middle (which I forgot to take a picture of was U, kiseto and is going into the December noborigama)

The base glaze for this one was E, or tetsu aka a very nice red glaze with brown and gold undertones. On the cups tip I did U or kiseto, a mild yellow color. I've never done this combo before so it'll be interesting to see how they turn out.

Last cup I did a swirl design of U under a full top glaze of L or shinsha.


Back on my colors blog I used the wrong glaze for U or kiseto. The glaze that is pictured here is actually glaze N NOT glaze U. The real color of Glaze U is a mild mustard yellow. Sorry for the confusion. I'll fix the color blog entry soon.

Next were two bowls, black stone clay. I used R or Kohagi glaze on these and they will also go into the noborigama in a few weeks.

Last were the mixed clay plates I made a few weeks ago with all my leftovers.

These will go into the noborigama, but I didn't want to cover the cool clay swirls with a thick glaze, so I brought out the air gun again :)

I did a light glaze of L, E and U. I'm hoping the results will be a wonderful but defined blend of the three. I tried to keep each color on one third of the plate, but since the noborigama's heat is unpredictable I won't know how they'll turn out until I see them.

Until next time!

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  1. Looove the coffee cups. In my head their scale is tremendous, I hope they are larger than life in real life :)