Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Glass plates

It has been quite awhile since I have had any new pieces come out of the kiln, so this past firing many new things (that I've been anxiously waiting for) came out! Everything turned out wonderful this time, couldn't be happier!

First and most importantly are the glass plates I made awhile back! Here is my favorite piece, which turned out EXACTLY how I wished it would :) Like I predicted the glass stayed within the carved areas and created a beautiful image of a Japanese flower called higanbana, which only comes out in early fall. I would have liked the glass to be red, but actually the blue has grown on me, it looks good with the green glaze and pops really well.

Here is a close up of the glass. You can see small melting cracks, which add character and interest. I personally love the glass look!

This plate was white stone shigaraki clay with blue glass and a sprayed on glaze of U and J. OF firing.

Next was another glass plate with a leaf motif. Bizen clay with U glaze and green glass, OF firing. (which melts the glass better than RF firing)

Close up, the glass spread a little beyond the leaves but it still looks nice :)

Last of thie plate series is the bubble glass plate. Bizen clay with U glaze and dark blue glass, OF firing. I also love how this one turned out as well.

Close up of the glass

Besides the plates I also had quite a few cups and a few small bowls.
Here are two bizen cups with glaze K . The color is great, I'll def try this combo again. RF firing.

The bizen clay and K glaze gave a nice green color with some light blue drip lines.

Next, two more bizen clay cups with I glaze and M glaze design brushed on. It was my first time using I and it turned out quite nicely. I love the mild blue/green color.

Bird eye view shot, left cup is a swirl design, right cup line and spot design.

Close up, loved this design, will paint it again. Has a delicate handle and wide mouth, great for tea.

Delicate swirl design, another good wide tea cup and a slightly larger flat handle.

Last but not least, two white stone shigaraki clays, left R glaze and right S glaze (another new glaze to me) RF firing.

It will be awhile until I have some completed pieces again. The teapot is still under way and a bunch of new cups are currently drying and waiting for bisque firing. More to come next week!

Check out Oct 19th's blog to see all these pieces before firing


  1. These are beautiful....I love that blue flower and the plate with forms that remind me of pussy willows.