Tuesday, April 19, 2011


After more than two months my giant vase has finally been finished. The color turned out great and I love the design.

I did an RF firing and am happy I chose to go with color instead of just plain white.

I'm of course happy with this vase but there was one big disappointment which will prevent me from entering this in any competitions.

There are large cracks all over it...They range from 1cm-12cm long...

I haven't tested the vase to see if it holds water but I don't think it will. There is one particular crack towards the bottom which I'm certain will leak.

The reason for the cracks is I didn't connect the coils well enough. So while the vase dried the clay never fully bonded. It is almost impossible to know where and if there are cracks since after bisque firing they usually won't show. Not until it is glazed and fired the final time will all the flaws show up.

The irony is the color turned out so well...but live and learn is my motto! This will still be a great vase to keep at home. I can place a container on the inside to hold water so I can put flowers or branches in it without water leaking as well.

Over all the vase took about 20 hours of time. I'm currently on my next vase and this time I will make sure I connect the coils correctly.

Until next time!

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