Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Imari's Okawamachi

Imari is famous for it's beautiful porcelain and intricate designs. The best place to buy and see pieces is in Imari's Okawamachi. It is situated in the middle of some mountains right outside Imari city's main town area. Only about a 7 minute drive from Imari station, it is easy to get to and a must stop for any pottery lover.

You'll feel a million miles away in this quaint pottery village with misty mountains and kiln chimneys all around. There are over a dozen small and large stores to see in Okawamachi. Some are modestly priced while most are for higher budget shoppers. Expect to spend 3000 yen and up for tea/coffee cups, 5000 yen and up for dinner plates, and 10000 yen and up for dish sets. Porcelain ware are the main pieces sold at most of the stores in Okawamachi, but nestled between the porcelain pieces you can find some other clay types and glazes.

This was one of the older style stores I found in Okawamachi. It's at least 70 years old and even has a fire pit with a tea kettle in the center to keep the place warm in winter! Very cool! Besides this place, most of the stores have modernized but still keep the traditional Japanese feeling to them. Expect simple spaces with great track lighting and soft Japanese string music playing in the background.

Make sure to check out the main bridge in town. It's covered with broken pottery pieces and is quite beautiful. Check out the stream below as well, there are 6 huge koi fish swimming there. Overall Imari is a great stop for any ceramics lover, check it out!


  1. me too! I love the color they used and the simple style..I was sad it didn't win first place.