Friday, July 15, 2011

More Incense holders

I had a lot of stuff come out of bisque firing this week. From the left is my medium sized rectangle vase (Red stone clay), top is the small pie pan and two teapots.(Nabe clay) Far top right is a small pitcher, (red stone clay) and the rest are the 14 incense holders. (Red shigaraki) I didn't manage to glaze all of these last night but I got to the holders and vase.

Here are the three colors I chose for the vase. I decided to do each level of the vase a different color. The far right is the base, B glaze. Middle is J and top is K. I also did a light mist of L at the very top. I have not used this color combo before on red stone clay so I hope it'll turn out well. RF firing. (The samples are red shigaraki which is kind of similar to red stone) I used the air gun to glaze.

After the vase I got around to the incense holders. By that time it was dark outside so I took a big lamp outside and arranged the holders on a board.

This is the glaze air gun. Pretty easy to use, cup on the top for the glaze and the standard handle and spout. I used 6 different glazes last night between my vase and incense holders so it was a pain having to clean this thing between every color.

Here they are after glazing. If you're going to do several things the same color and pattern it's easiest to line them up to get the same effect.

Here are a few up close. I did a combo of three glazes. Top is E glaze, middle K and bottom L.

Here are the sample colors. Left to right, E, K and L. I'll OF fire the holders.

I also prepared my napkin rings for firing. To get an even glaze they have to be glazed like this. The rods are a special metal with a specific coating so they won't stick. I've never done this before so I have no idea how they will turn out, but Arai Sensei said they should be fine but may turn out slightly oval.

Here is an up close picture, you can see the coating on the rod.

Last but not least is my giant vase! It's finally been bisque fired. It turned out perfect, but the tough part will from now. Choosing the right color and hoping it turns out wonderful will be nerve racking. All the time and energy spent on this vase could be ruined if the glaze isn't done right or doesn't turn out well...I'll be choosing a color soon...Here's hoping it turns out great!!!

Until next time!

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