Sunday, August 8, 2010

Many things

To my surprise my teacher had enough pieces to do an RF firing this week, so I came home with many new things this week! まずまった下手に日本語にすみません!急いで書きました ><

First are the white stone clay plates, 8 to be exact, which turned out quite nicely. I used Mokuhakutoumei (F) and RF firing. The color is a cool gray tone with some green undertones.

まずは白石粘土皿8枚です。もくはくとうめい(F) RF焼き方。色はクールなグレーと押さえた緑色。

They should work nicely with food. The cool color and simple design should make colorful foods like carrots, peppers, broccoli, fruits etc. stand out.

The etchings in the clay also add interest. Overall I like the simpleness, and the brown specs of the white stone clay. The plates are easy to stack, easy to wash and hopefully easy to use.

This plate was slightly thicker (5mm) than all the others, (3mm) as you can see the glaze turned out slightly different on it as well. この皿は他(3mm)より太いです(5mm)色は3mmよりちょっと深いです。

Next were two experiment plates. Lately I've wanted to try making more square and rectangular pieces. I thought these would turn out slightly larger but red Shigaraki #104 clay shrinks quite a bit! I did a Tenmoku glaze (C) with RF firing, which resulted in a nice metallic color. I imprinted a line design on the face of both plates and the combo of the imprint and glaze looks cool and has a great texture. I'll definitely do this imprinting and Tenmoku glaze again.

Out of this batch, this is my favorite piece. Wheel thrown shallow bowl, with attached spots. Black stone clay with Kohagi (R) glaze RF firing. Kohagi and black clay are a popular combination, since the contrast of white and black look great together. I especially love how the spots I put on turned out. Great bowl!
今回の一組にこのさらが一番よく出来たと思う。ろころで作った浅い椀です。黒粘土でこはぎ色 RF焼き方。この黒粘土とこはぎ色は皿山で人気なコンボです。スポットが目立て良かった!嬉しい

I placed spots on the underside as well.

Lastly, my recent artistic piece. A beetle :) Besides doing the basic plates and cups and all I've been working on developing an animal series. All pieces must be beautiful and usable in some way. This is Red Shigaraki #104 with Tenmoku glaze RF firing. It's about 18cm long with tiny holes forming a design on its back.


I made up the design as I went along. It turned out pretty well. I hand painted the glaze on certain parts since I didn't want it clogging up the tiny holes.

I used a nail to make the tiny holes. I had to wait for the clay to dry for a few days to make sure the holes wouldn't close or be warped.


Now for the useful part. The inside is hollow with a base piece. You can put a tea candle inside. With a dim lit room it'll make beautiful shadows on the wall. It can also be used as an incense holder.

More pieces to come soon!また近いうちに書きます!

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