Thursday, June 17, 2010

New bowls

Here are some new bowls I've finished recently.

This is my fav bowl of the bunch. I used white shigaraki clay with 2 of my favorite color combos. Since the clay is so white the colors showed up wonderfully.

Small series of bowls here. I used red clay from Kyoto (red shigaraki, minus the stones) I painted blue designs on the outside and used a clear glaze to finish them off. The result is a simple earthy type design. Not bad but next time I think Ill use white shigaraki clay instead of red.

Here are two very small odd shaped bowls. I used red shigaraki clay #104 (the one with the stones) Both have different glazes, the one on the left has two colors and was fired RF, then one on the right has one color and was fired OF. The OF came out with a metallic sheen to it. More t come soon!

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